Maik learned to sail while in the German Navy more than 20 years ago. He bought a small dinghy that he strapped to the top of his car and capsized countless times on German lakes as he fearlessly became a self-taught sailor. He purchased TOJA, a 24-foot Flying Tramp, and began sailing The Baltic Sea in search of adventure. His passion for sailing is deep and intense as he dreams of sailing the world. Now, with SEEFALKE, a 43-foot, steel-hull ketch, he pursues the dream daily. READ MAIK'S LOGBOOK to learn How to Skipper a Boat!



Michelle is a proud Southern girl from Sweet Home Alabama. She sailed for the first time with a longtime friend in Hamburg, Germany in 2013 and was hooked. But it wasn't until she began sailing with Maik on TOJA on The Baltic Sea that she began to learn the true art of sailing "The German Navy Way." Sailing became a part of her soul as this journalist found a passion that would burn deeply within her forever. She still delights in researching and learning the finer details of sailing. READ MICHELLE'S LOGBOOK to learn How to Get Your Sea Legs!