How to Sail with Dogs - eBook [interactive pdf format]

How to Sail with Dogs - 100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage
How to Sail with Dogs - 100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage

How to Sail with Dogs - eBook [interactive pdf format]


This is an interactive pdf version of our eBook, How to Sail with Dogs - 100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage.

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Through our exhaustive research and real-life experiences sailing the world with two beagles, we share 100 tips about how to plan, prepare, and potty train for fun, safe sailing with your four-legged crew members. Learn about traveling with pets by air and by sea, potty training and exercising on board, first aid at sea, establishing routines, and keeping your pet SAFE! We also cover detailed customs requirements for U.S.- and European-based dogs entering into dozens of countries in Europe, Northwest Africa, Atlantic South America, the Caribbean, Central America, and North America.

Chapters include:

- Pet-Friendly Boats

- Traveling with Dogs by Air

- Traveling with Dogs by Sea

- First Aid for Dogs at Sea

- Safety at Sea

- Potty Training on Board

- Establishing Routines

- When the Destination is not Dog Friendly

- Surviving Extreme Temperatures (Staying Warm/Keeping Cool)

- The Downside and the Upside of Sailing with Pets

- Bonus: How to Sail with Dogs Survival Kit

- General Guidelines and Requirements by Country

About the Authors

Michelle Segrest has been a professional journalist for more than 30 years. She is the president of Navigate Content, Inc., a full-service content creation firm, and works hard for her clients even while sailing around the world. Michelle is a proud Southern girl from Sweet Home Alabama. She sailed for the first time with a longtime friend in Hamburg, Germany in 2013 and was immediately hooked. But it wasn't until she began sailing with Maik on Toja on The Baltic Sea that she began to learn the true art of sailing "The German Navy Way." Sailing became a part of her soul as this journalist found a passion that would burn deeply within her forever. She still delights in researching and learning the finer details of sailing. READ MICHELLE'S LOGBOOK to learn How to Get Your Sea Legs!

Maik Ulmschneider is president of Business Discovery Services, which offers a wide range of engineering and consultancy services that help small-to-medium sized companies do business internationally. Business Discovery Services is the parent company of the Sailors & Seadogs brand. Maik learned to sail while in the German Navy more than 20 years ago. He bought a small dinghy that he strapped to the top of his car and capsized countless times on German lakes as he fearlessly became a self-taught sailor. He purchased Toja, a 24-foot Flying Tramp 700, and began sailing the Baltic Sea in search of adventure. His passion for sailing is deep and intense as he now fulfills his longtime dream of sailing the world on Seefalke, a 43-foot, steel-hull ketch that was built for blue water sailing. READ MAIK'S NAVIGATION CORNER LOGBOOK to learn How to Skipper a Boat!

Sailors & Seadogs is two sailors traveling the world with their two beagles. They document their sailing adventures through videos, online blogs, and photography. Maik Ulmschneider is the captain, and Michelle Segrest is the first mate. So far, they have sailed from North Germany to eastern Brazil and up the coast of South America to French Guiana, crossing the Atlantic Ocean along the way on their 43-foot, steel ketch, Seefalke. Maik and Michelle daily answer questions about sailing with dogs and have gathered all their knowledge, research, and experience in this book, How to Sail with Dogs.

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