When you enter the Stahlbrode marina, you’ll find a quaint, traditional fishing village highlighted by the character and charm of glorious wooden boats.

Located 21 kilometers northeast of the city of Grimmen, 15 kilometers southeast of Stralsund, and 17 kilometers northwest of Greifswald on the island of Rügen

The name Stahlbrode has been referred to in the past as "Stalbrode" (ie without h) and even earlier as "Starbrode." The latter name is the Slavic name stary = old and brod = ford , so together on "Old ford" back.

Documented Stahlbrode was first mentioned in 1337, when Bertram von Gristow sold his shares in the Fähranstalt in place for 44 marks to the city and the hospital to the Holy Spirit in Greifswald. In 1346, the Slavestorp family also sold their shares in the town to the town and hospital.

In 1687 the ferryman asked the city of Greifswald (she was the sole owner of the ferry) to help with the procurement of a large ferry boat, as his two boats were taken without compensation during the Brandenburg war.

In 1715, the ferry house burned down due to lightning. The new building cost 120 thaler. In 1749 a school was established in the village. In 1808 the Kossatenstellen were dissolved and lands were assigned to the peasants. After a survey and separation of 1838, the farms were to be rebuilt separately on their respective arable fields.

In 1858, 16 families lived from fishing, and owned nine boats. The fishing rights were with the city of Greifswald. The so-called water lease was per fisherman 1 Thaler per year.

Because of the ferry to Rügen, in 1859 finally a stone railway from Reinberg to Stahlbrode was built. The Stahlbroder ferryman became farmer and innkeeper on the former homestead.

In 1862 Stahlbrode had 287 inhabitants, and in 1866 Stahlbrode had six residential buildings, 17 outbuildings, 8 cottages with 3 stables, a school, and since 1852, a poorhouse. The chapel consists of a half-timbered building with brick cover.

After 1945, Stahlbrode increased considerably. The western court II was broken off and fell desolate. All other farms remained, and they were all further expanded. Northwest of the town on the Sund coast was a large bungalow settlement and a campground.

Because of the increasing tourism traffic and the limited capacity of the Stralsund feeder to Rügen, Stahlbrode came as a relief ferry increasing importance.

Stahlbrode was incorporated on July 1, 1950 to Reinberg, which joined on June 7, 2009 with the communities Behnkendorf, Brandshagen, Horst. Kirchdorf, Miltzow, and Wilmshagen to the new municipality Sundhagen.