By Maik Ulmschneider

One of the hidden gems along the English Channel is the little town Saint-Valery-en-Caux, embedded between the impressive white cliffs on the channel’s South-Eastern coast.

But before you can enter this beautiful place from the sea, careful navigation is mandatory. The pre-harbor falls dry 3 m and harbor entry is only possible HW +/- 2 hrs. Passing a draw bridge and a massive sea gate you will find a most charming marina right in the city center.

Situated in Northern France, 32 kms from Dieppe, St. Valery en Caux sure is a highlight on the Normandy Alabaster Coast.

Charming alleys, traditional (seafood) restaurants and historic buildings gives you a great taste of small-town Normandy.

Memorials remember of the time when this part of the world was less peaceful but also of the achievements of the great French pilot pioneer Dieudonné Costes flying non-stop from Paris to New York in 1930.

But how beautiful this destination may be, we already can’t wait to set sail again and continue our journey beyond the horizon.