Extras 24 - Daily Life of a Sailor - Replacing Zinc Anodes on a Steel Ship

January 12, 2019

During our stay in Lisbon we discovered that our zinc anodes had almost vanished. As Seefalke is a steel boat we need zinc anodes, or sacrificial anodes, welded to our steel hull to protect it from electrolytic corrosion. Those anodes are made from a metal with a more negative electrochemical potential (less noble) than the hull. In this way the sacrificial anodes corrode in preference to the steel hull of the boat. In Lisbon we would have needed to wait a week on a crane date and in Rabat, Morocco there was neither a boat yard nor a crane to perform these works, so we made arrangements with the boatyard in Arrecife on Lanzarote island. We expected it to take 2-3 days, but the works were completed within 7 hours.