Ep. 28 - One Year at Sea Q&A

August 19, 2019

It’s been exactly one year since we set sail from Stralsund, Germany on August 19, 2018 for our worldwide sailing voyage. We have sailed more than 7,000 nautical miles so far in the past 365 days with many more destinations in our sights, including Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA. We asked our social media followers to send us questions to answer about our voyage so that we could create this one-year anniversary video just for you. It’s a long video, so here are the topics with time stamps in case you want to skip around to the topics that interest you the most.

Thanks for hanging in there with us all this time! We had so much FUN making this video for you!

  • 00:58 Our Route (including northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, and westernmost points)

  • 02:20 What was your most challenging passage?

  • 04:24 What was your favorite stop? Was there any place you would consider living?

  • 05:33 What was the most amazing thing you’ve seen at sea?

  • 06:28 Do the dogs get seasick?

  • 07:02 Have you lost any weight?

  • 08:05 Were the seas ever so rough you thought you might not make it?

  • 08:51 How do you fight boredom?

  • 10:10 What was your most dangerous moment at sea?

  • 11:33 Did you ever consider giving up? Were there moments you just wanted to go home?

  • 12:59 How were you able to handle all the unexpected situations?

  • 14:06 How did you handle the personal relationship living in such a small space? Can you still stand the sight and smell of each other?

  • 18:48 What has caused you the most stress?

  • 19:48 What have you missed the most?

  • 21:06 What has been your biggest hurdle?

  • 22:51 What did you learn about yourself?

  • 24:35 What, if anything, would you have done differently?

  • 25:46 What advice do you have for other people who want to sail the world?

  • 31:16 When will you make it to Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA?

  • 32:43 What’s next?

Ep. 25 A Sailor's Work is Never Done!

June 2, 2019

When you sit in port for three months with massive boat projects, you know the meaning of the phrase, “A sailor’s work is never done.” We had three critical areas of projects – power, paint, and anchor. We got these major projects and dozens of smaller projects completed while in Cabedelo, Brazil for three months. We have enjoyed this part of Brazil, and we’ve gotten a lot of work accomplished—both for our clients, and for our ship, Seefalke. At times, life was really difficult here—especially while sitting on the hard for six weeks and going up and down the ladders every day, hoisting the seadogs every day in the puppy crane, and enduring all the work that was needed on the boat. We were wondering if this would ever end! But now the boat is in ship shape! So…No offense to the lovely people of Cabedelo, Brazil who have now adopted us as their own. No offense to the gorgeous landscape and friendly culture. But our ship needs to be at sea. And so do we.  It’s time to GO! But first, we want to give you a quick rundown about the completion of our many boat projects!

Ep. 24 Stuck on Dry Dock is Like Living in a Tree House

April 13, 2019

Sitting on dry dock for more than six weeks is like living in a sailboat tree house. After our Atlantic Crossing, we needed to give attention to our battle-worn ship. While here in Cabedelo, Brazil, we took Seefalke out of the water and are currently working on eight major projects, which we describe in this video. Stay tuned for the completion updates and a briefing on our next adventure, which will be a sail along the Amazon Delta.

Ep. 14 - Sailing The English Channel - A Strategic Chess Match

September 28, 2018

Sometimes sailing is like chess. You must know your opponent, predict his moves, and develop a strategy. In the opening we put our Queen, Seefalke, on the board during high water to create an advantageous position for the mid game. Despite some unpredicted moves from our opponents, we were able to materialize our advantage and make it to the end on a four-day nonstop passage through The English Channel.But we did take a short break from the strategy game to play with the DOLPHINS... Read Michelle’s logbook entries - Part One and Part Two - for more details and insights about this adventure! Follow this link for Maik’s actual captain’s logbook entries.

Ep. 12 - Sailing Kiel Canal to the Island of Helgoland

September 11, 2018

In this episode, we pass through the Kiel Canal and into the mighty Elbe River. And then we face The North Sea for the first time on our way to the remote and beautiful island of Helgoland. We also spend some time with a few salty sailors who know a lot about Sailing Seefalke! Read Michelle’s logbook - Part One and Part Two - for more details about this adventure!

For actual Maik’s actual captain’s logbook entries, please follow this link.

Ep. 10 - Wind Power, Provisioning & The Potty Experiment

August 23, 2018

More than two weeks behind schedule, we work hard to finally set sail on our cross-Atlantic journey. This video is all about the final week, the final details, and the final countdown. We cover wind power, provisioning, and the potty experiment. You'll also find a sneak peak at some footage of our first couple days at sea!

Ep. 09 - Sailing with Dogs - First Aid at Sea

August 13, 2018

Since we have decided to take the four-legged members of our family with us on our cross–Atlantic sailing journey from Stralsund, Germany to Gulf Shores, AL, we have taken every precaution to keep them safe and happy. We have an amazing veterinarian back in Gulf Shores, Dr. Nietjse Langston of Magnolia By the Gulf Animal Clinic. Not only is she an excellent doctor of veterinarian medicine, but she’s also a SAILOR! This means she knows exactly what being on the open water in a sailboat is like for people and for pups. She put together a thorough first aid kit for Cap’n Jack and Scout and was gracious enough to let us film this video of her explaining every detail for keeping our canine crew safe at sea! In this video, Dr. Langston discusses the different medications that would be great to have for pets on a boat. She also gives specific examples of when to use each one. We truly believe this video would be helpful for all dog owners -- even if you are not traveling on a sailboat.

Ep. 06 - Sage Advice from a Salty Sailor

August 3, 2018

Bob McDonald is an expert sailor with deep experience. He is our neighbor on Plash Island and a legend on the waters of the Gulf Coast. We call him Sailboat Bob. He was a wastewater system pipe operator in Chicago before he retired to Gulf Shores 15 years ago. We invited him to join us on our cross-Atlantic journey, but he has a different destiny in mind. This year, at the young age of just 79, he will embark on his lifelong dream of setting sail for good. Take an afternoon sail with us down the Intracoastal Waterway to learn some sound advice from a salty sailing legend.