Ep. 18 - Why Would Anyone Sail to Morocco? Part ONE

December 8, 2018

SAILING TO MOROCCO FROM LISBON, PORTUGAL In this episode, we sail from Lisbon, Portugal to Rabat, Morocco. Michelle takes a short trip to Alabama to surprise her family for Thanksgiving and we get Seefalke ready to head to the Canary Islands for our Atlantic Crossing. But first, we have to ask the question…why would anyone want to sail to Morocco? We have met many sailors who are bypassing this destination on their way to the Canaries, and we can't understand why? We battled fog and seasickness during our passage. After 369 nautical miles and about 75 hours, we had made it into Morocco and now it was time for us to learn why so many sailors skip this stop on their way from Portugal to the Canary Islands. Our first impressions were positive. We ventured into Rabat, took a day trip to Casablanca where we got to visit Rick’s Café, and we also took spent a day in Tangier. But would we recommend a trip along this route less traveled by sailors? We will explore Morocco in much more depth in the next episode to find out!