Ep. 15 - Sailing the Bay of Biscay on a Good Day

October 7, 2018

Sailing the Bay of Biscay was a sailing adventure that created challenges and struggles along with excitement and reward. It was difficult, to say the least. Even with favorable conditions, we sailed across the infamous Bay of Biscay during the worst possible time of year. But even on a good day, The Bay of Biscay is ruthless. At times, it was a glorious passage filled with playful dolphins, a whale sighting, a full moon lighting our way each night, and bright sunny weather. At other times, the constant pounding of the 3 to 4 meter waves rocked our bodies and our minds. We battled seasickness, exhaustion, and dehydration, but we made it 362 nautical miles in 80 hours to A Caruña, Spain. This was the one passage Michelle feared the most. We now know first hand why The Bay of Biscay has such a feared reputation. Read Michelle’s logbook entry for the real nitty gritty about this adventure! Follow this link for Maik’s actual captain’s logbook entries.