Ep. 05 - Cross-Atlantic Sailing Route

July 28, 2018

This video shows our route and some principle thoughts to it. Of course it is subject to change, especially since it seems we are running late getting the boat ready. Even though it has been one of the hottest summers we have ever had here in Germany, the days are getting shorter and if we are not out of here by mid-August, we may not be able to make it past the winter in this season - with the Bay of Biscay being the bottleneck. Our British friends take the dog stuff bloodily seriously so we may need to skip the UK in favor of France.

Ep. 03 - Set Sail Countdown is ON!

July 15, 2018

It's getting real, ya'll! With less than three weeks until we set sail on our 6,000 nm cross-Atlantic journey from North Germany to South Alabama, we are buried in work and bursting with excitement! We spent some time in Stralsund to check on the progress of SEEFALKE's mechanical and electrical upgrades. We did some nesting and organizing, but there is still much work to do!

Ep. 01 - Get Ready to Set Sail

June 19, 2018

Safety is the name of the game, so the planning for our 6,000 nautical mile journey across the Atlantic from Germany to Alabama starts with that! When Seefalke is safe to sail, we will launch. But we also have to think about other things like living onboard, getting vaccinations and paperwork for our Beagle puppies and dealing with the challenge of working while sailing. This is just a small taste of the extent of our details.