By Michelle Segrest

As an adult, I lived, worked, and reared my children for 23 years in Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city. In 2016, when my children left the nest for college at Auburn University, I made the easiest decision of my life—I made Gulf Shores my home and have never looked back!

We got lucky and found a hidden gem within the Gulf Shores city limits—Plash Island. We are now completely surrounded by water. Bon Secour Bay is our back yard and our front yard is a gorgeous marina within a small condo community of boat lovers. This is the home port for our little 15-foot wooden day sailer, Protagonist, and will soon be the home of Seefalke after we bring her across the Atlantic from Stralsund, Germany.

Plash Island is about 5 miles west of the city of Gulf Shores, and there are no businesses on the island—only residents. This creates a quiet, communal atmosphere away from the tourists, but also gives us access to the parks, restaurants, and attractions that are prominent in the heart of the city that thrives on tourism.  From Plash Island, it’s about a 10-minute drive to the beach, or a 40-minute bicycle ride, which is our preferred way to get there! We can also easily access the beautiful Gulf State Park, which has bike trails along Shelby Lake, a cool dog park, and features the magnificent Gulf State Park Pier, which was actually built by our neighbors.

Formerly the northernmost tip of the Fort Morgan Peninsula, the area became an island in the early 1940s when the Intracoastal Waterway was built. Plash Island was named for the family who settled it to harvest seafood and was the home of Plash Island Seafood for 34 years.  Originally, it was simply called “The Island” and on an old map it was called “Hog Island.”  Around 1965, the name Plash Island began to catch on.

We love to hop in the Protagonist with Cap’n Jack and Scout and cruise around the island to local Gulf Shores restaurants. Many of them allow us to moor the boat right outside and also many of them have outdoor seating and are dog-friendly! We can step right outside our front door and hop in the boat for day sailing on Bon Secour Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway.

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