All of our YouTube sailing adventure episodes are available for free to anyone!  You can also follow us on social media to receive regular, random updates about our adventures. So, why should you give us your hard-earned money every month and become a Sailors & Seadogs Patron? 

We want to make this very clear . . . We would never ask you to support our lifestyle. We both work our regular jobs full time—even while sailing around the world. We have that covered.

We consider our patrons an exclusive club of our most loyal followers who are truly invested in our journey. Your monthly pledge allows us to invest in better video camera and editing equipment (and to replace equipment that gets destroyed by the harsh salt air and sea water). This allows us to continue to share our story with you and provide better visuals, better sound, and more content! 

Your investment in us also helps to support the expense of our GPS Satellite Tracker, which allows close family members and patrons to stay in touch with us at every point of our journey—even when we are at sea without other forms of communication. We would love for you to have that access, too!

Also, your investment also allows us to give Cap’n Jack and Scout an extra treat every month!

Our goal is to give you something of value—a special backstage pass and the inside track to all the details of our journey. We provide our patrons with exclusive in-depth content, bonus clips and bloopers, special features, detailed updates not available anywhere else, and the opportunity to influence our destinations and our video content. 

For as little as $2 per month, you can JOIN OUR CREW and be the first to know about any content that is available to the public, and you will receive access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT not available anywhere else, along with other cool benefits. Come along with us on every voyage, every adventure, to every destination, and have the inside track to all the details of our boat repairs, upgrade projects, and the adventures of Cap’n Jack & Scout. You can cancel your crew membership at any time, and you can upgrade or downgrade to a different tier at any time!

We are building an exclusive community of Sailors & Seadogs crew members! Join our crew today, and come along for the ride!


*Scroll down for explanation of benefits


$2 or more per month

  • Access to Patrons-Only-Feed & Patrons-Only-Lens

  • Alert for Live Sessions

  • Access to Recorded Live Sessions & Live Passage Briefings

  • Influence Our Next Video Topic

  • Access to Our Monthly E-mail – 360˚ Digest


$5 or more per month

  • All SWAB benefits PLUS

  • Access to Satellite Tracker

  • Access to Satellite Texting

  • Influence Our Voyage Through Exclusive Polls


$10 or more per month

  • All SWAB and MATE benefits PLUS

  • Access to Monthly Drone Special

  • Original Logbook Explained


$20 or more per month

  • All SWAB, MATE & BOATSWAIN benefits PLUS

  • Personal Postcard from Every Destination

  • Personal Welcome Video Call

  • Invitation to Sail With Us!



$2 or more per month

Access to Patrons-Only-Feed & Patrons-Only Lens
Several times per week we make posts FOR PATRONS ONLY to update you about our voyage and adventures. This includes exclusive details and lens clips not available anywhere else! Please understand that during longer passages we won't be able to post as frequently as usual. But on those passages, you will be the FIRST to know when we depart and when we arrive. ONLY PATRONS will have access to all the details!

Alert for Live Sessions
Sometimes we go live on YouTube with a Q&A, Drone Experience, or Passage Briefing. You will receive an invitation and an alert so that you won't miss the live events.

Access to Recorded Live Sessions & Live Passage Briefings
Our live events will only be available to anyone on YouTube for 24 hours. But our patrons have access to them forever. We will provide you a special link to the recordings so that if you miss the live event, you can still watch it anytime—AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. This feature will not be available to non-patrons.

Influence Our Next Video Topic
Patrons have the exclusive opportunity to decide which topics we should cover in the non-episode videos. At least once a month, we conduct a poll and invite your input. Let us know the topic for which you would like to see us produce a video, and if it makes sense for our journey, we will do our best to produce it!

Access to Our Monthly E-mail – 360˚ Digest

You will receive our 360˚ Digest by e-mail. This is much more than an e-newsletter. It is an exclusive 360-degree view of our entire journey—a monthly insider's guide to the events and adventures of the previous month. It includes behind-the-scenes information, a curated recap of all exclusive and public content (just in case you missed it) and an outlook about WHAT’S NEXT! You will be the FIRST TO KNOW what’s on the horizon for Sailors & Seadogs. But most important, you receive exclusive photos and videos that have been created FOR PATRONS ONLY and won’t be published anywhere else!   


$5 or more per month

All SWAB benefits PLUS

Access to Satellite Tracker
Onboard SV Seefalke, we use a Garmin InReach satellite tracker that broadcasts live updates (one per hour) to the Garmin server using the Iridium satellite network. You will have exclusive access to this server and can follow our voyage in real time—even when we are offshore. You’ll see how we sail around storm cells and when we change our route in the middle of the sea. The tracker also drops pins every hour showing our exact location, providing you with a “bread crumb” trail of our entire route.

Access to Satellite Texting
While we are offshore you can directly communicate with us through satellite text/email messaging. We will answer your texts/emails as soon as we can . . . when weather conditions allow. If you access through the Garmin website, this service is completely free for you. So, when you see that we dodge that storm cell or change our route, you can text us to find out why! Or you can just text us to say hello. We would love to hear from you!

Influence Our Voyage Through Exclusive Polls
Not only can you follow our voyage in real time, you can also influence the course of our voyage. Whenever it makes sense from a nautical standpoint, we conduct polls where you can help us decide which destination to sail to next. Please understand that these polls are non-binding as the skipper needs to take the decision based on the current weather situation and other nautical circumstances. But we will try to accommodate the popular vote of our patrons! Either way, because our patrons are part of our crew, you will have some direct influence on our voyage!


$10 or more per month

All SWAB and MATE benefits PLUS

Access to Monthly Drone Special
We have spectacular DRONE footage that doesn’t always make it into our regular videos because we need to minimize the length. For our PATRONS ONLY, we create an exclusive compilation of the best drone footage of the month. This includes our favorite shots and drone footage that has not been published anywhere else. You will receive an exclusive aerial view of our voyages and cool destinations. This monthly drone special will not be available anywhere else!

Original Logbook Explained
Maik records some of the official SV Seefalke logbook entries in his online blog, and this is available to everyone on our website. However, Patrons have exclusive access to the original logbook pages of SV Seefalke. Selected nautical decisions and entries will be explained in technical detail by Maik, our captain, who has more than 20 years of sailing experience. We invite you to ask any technical questions about the logbook that you want, and Maik will provide deep insight just for you!


$20 or more per month


Personal Postcard from Every Destination
Patrons who provide their physical mailing address receive a personal postcard from every destination. Ok, from every destination that has a mail office. :-)

Personal Welcome Video Call
We personally welcome you to the crew in a video call that is JUST FOR YOU. During the call you have the opportunity to get to know us, ask any questions you want, or even get a 1:1 tour through SV Seefalke.

Invitation to Sail With Us!

Our MIDSHIPMEN are our most loyal crew members and have an open invitation to join us for a sail on SV Seefalke! Just meet us at one of our destinations and join us onboard for a special day at sea!