A Storm Came Up

By Doug Segrest

PUBLISHER’S DESCRIPTION: They grew up together, on the same street separated by a half-dozen homes, yet they lived a world apart. Braxton Freeman dreams of a good college education, blonde, blue-eyed girls and a safe, secure future. Moses Burks just wants to go somewhere else fast, to a place where he would no longer be judged by skin color. In the summer of 1963 in a small, East Alabama town, Brax Freeman and Moses Burks find themselves caught in a vicious crossfire between George Wallace, the KKK, state troopers and memories of a grisly murder they witnessed as youths. Neither Brax, Moses nor the town of Takasaw will ever be the same.

MY THOUGHTS: This was written by my ex-husband, but this is a purely unbiased review. To see friendships thrive amid the civil unrest of the 1960s American South was touching and gripping. Trapped in a world where skin color dictates status and acceptance, young boys find a way to overcome racial barriers. Doug is a skilled writer with a talent for weaving historical facts around well-developed plots and characters. It would be interesting to see what happens next in the story of this small Alabama town and the characters we now know and love. Looking forward to the sequel!