Oct 18, 2018 - Day 61 - Porto to 40º33'N 008º57'W

As the winds are forecasted to shift from North to South we decide to leave Porto after just one night and head off to Lisbon. However the cross winds at departure time are so high we need tug assistance to get off our berth.

Sea Area
Atlantic Ocean, Trafalgar

6/8 overcast in the morning, clearing up in the course of the day. Winds N 2-3 Bft at first, shifting to NW, increasing 4-5 Bft in the afternoon. Seas 3 m. Pressure 1011, dropping to 1010 in the afternoon, increasing to 1013 HPa in the late evening. Min. temp.: 13ºC, max. temp.: 23ºC.

Nautical Log
15:00 - motor on
15:30 - departure with tug assistance
15:45 - HDG 205, jib and main sail set, motor off
17:50 - mizzen set
21:00 - HDG 200


several dolphin sightings over the day

Maintenance Log


Mileage (over ground)
Today: 40,5 nm
Total: 1.700,7 nm