Sep 16-23, 2018 - Days 29-36 - Camaret-sur-Mer

I have gone over to pull together the harbor days in only one log entry. Camaret-sur-Mer had been recommended to us not only once so I thought we need to give it a try. For sailors waiting for a good weather window before crossing the Celtic Sea or de Bay of Biscay, this is a great place, provides great shelter, basic amenities and exciting scenery. The marina also provides visitor buoys for half of the mooring fees, which is a great deal. Also sailors save around 2 hrs transit time compared to the marinas in Brest.

Sea Area
Celtic Sea, Bay of Biscay

During our stay the weather is mixed with clear skies but also days of constant rain. We had the storms Helene and Ali passing us in the North and bringing in some gale force winds into Camaret. However the marina is well sheltered, so no problem at all.

Nautical Log

boarded by French customs on Sep 20

met with “Wappen von Bremen” on Sep 20

Maintenance Log
spattled and painted dent
replenished water and fuel


Mileage (over ground)
Total: 1.062,8 nm