Nov 14, 2018 - Day 89 - 36º00'N 008º53'W to 34º30'N 007º30'W

After a little rough night with wind speeds up to 6 Bft when we made good time the day is characterised by lighter winds and a wind shift to the South. In order to make it to the scheduled arrival window we use our engine. Marina Bouregreg in Rabat is located inside Bouregreg river at which estuary a sand bar lets the ocean swell break which makes the approach possibly dangerous. So this marina can only be approached during rising tide around high water with swells smaller than 2 m.

Sea Area
Atlantic Ocean, S. Vicente, Casablanca (ref. Spanish forecast areas)

2/4 to 4/4 scattered Cumulus all day. Winds from NE with 5-6 Bft in the night and early morning, shifting to S and decreasing to 1-2 in the evening. Seas 3 m at first, then decreasing to 1-2 m. Pressure 1017 dropping to 1013 HPa over the day. Min. temp.: 18ºC, max. temp.: 22ºC.

Nautical Log
Main sail, genoa and mizzen set
00:05 - autopilot set to wind from 90º port
02:15 - genoa reefed away
03:00 - motor on (battery charging)
06:30 - HDG 160
08:50 - motor off, genoa and jib set, autopilot set to wind from 90º port
10:00 - autopilot set to wind from 80º port
11:00 - motor on
13:00 - HDG 140
15:30 - HDG 130
20:50 - main sail and jib lowered



Maintenance Log


Mileage (over ground)
Today: 116,8 nm
Total: 2.172,1 nm