Nov 12, 2018 - Day 87 - Lisbon to 37º40'N 009º51'W

After a foggy departure we take on fuel and head out of Rio Tejo into the open ocean. At the estuary of Rio Tejo we sight the US aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman. With a good downwind course we head towards Cape S. Vicente.

Sea Area
Atlantic Ocean, Rio Tejo, Trafalgar, S. Vicente

Fog at first, clearing around noon to clear skies. Winds N to NNE 1-2 Bft in the morning, temporarily shifting S, then shifting back to N over E, increasing 4-5 Bft. Seas 0 m in Rio Tejo, increasing 3 m in the ocean. Pressure 1015 increasing 1018 HPa. Min. temp.: 11ºC, max. temp.: 16ºC.

Nautical Log
08:10 - motor on
08:20 - departure, pilotage to Doca de Belem
09:55 - arrival at Doca de Belem (gas station), motor off
10:25 - motor on, departure, pilotage on Rio Tejo to open ocean
11:30 - HDG 205, motor off, main sail and genoa set


10:45 - USS Harry Truman

Maintenance Log
10:15-10:25 taking on fuel


Mileage (over ground)
Today: 75,9 nm
Total: 1.926,9 nm