Sailing the Amazon? A Tough Decision

Sailing the Amazon? A Tough Decision

Have you dreamt of sailing the Amazon River, too? It was one of the reasons we changed our plans and sailed to Brazil first. But once we arrived here, the more we talked to people, sailors like locals, the more we did our research, read handbooks and analyzed charts, the more doubts we had. In this interview we summarize our thoughts and explain our decision. Considering all the pros and cons, what would you do?

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Upgrading Our Ship

Even though Seefalke already was a very seaworthy and reliable ship, we did some major overhaul and upgrade to her, especially on the electrical and power side, to make her fit for blue water sailing. Check out our latest video which describes all the details so far. 

Planning our Cross-Atlantic Journey

Ahoy Folks!

As everybody keeps asking us about our route, Michelle talked me into launching this video even though it is not even a Beta version yet!

However this short video shows our route and some principle thoughts to it. Of course it is subject to change, especially since it seems we are running late getting the boat ready. Even though it keeps being one of the hottest summers we have ever had here in Germany, the days are already getting shorter and if we are not out of here by mid August, we may not be able to make it past the winter in this season - with the Bay of Biscay being the bottleneck. 

Also our beloved British friends take the dog stuff bloodily seriously so we may need to skip the UK in favor of France. Check out Michelle's Logbook for updates about that. Enjoy, and we are looking forward to your comments!

*Please excuse me for using the German symbol for 'depression' (T) and not the English 'L'.