Aug 24, 2018 - Day 6 - Heiligenhafen - Laboe

Day starts with rain and W-WSW winds 3-4. Later shower squalls and thunderstorms 6-7 gusts 8. Pressure at first constant around 1005 hPa, then slowly increasing. Max. temp.: 20ºC, min. temp.: 13ºC

Nautical Log
0820: Departure from Heiligenhafen, then pilotage under motor
0850: Exit pilotage, hoist main 2nd reef and jib 1, steer 336º
0945: Course 210º
1020: Hoist genoa
1430: 260º, main down, job down, continue under motor
1800: 270º
2000: Approach Laboe
2145: moored in marina Laboe

Mil. exercise area Putlos active until 1230, strong current setting E.


Water tank filled

Mileage (over ground)
Today: 48.9 nm
Total: 171.0 nm