SAT Dec 08-24, 2018 - Day 113 to 130 - Arrecife, Lanzarote, Spain

The Canaries, the islands of everlasting spring. Finally it is warm again! And we finally are at a place that has great sailing infrastructure. We hauled Seefalke and got her zincs replaced, provisioned for the big crossing and enjoyed three weeks of Lanzarote. A beautiful island of volcanic origin. We first intended to do some island hopping and I was especially interested in seeing Tenerife and climbing Pico del Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. But I needed to fly to Germany to take care of some business and we wanted to wait for our new friends we spent some time with in Rabat who arrived shortly before Christmas, later the weather turned bad so we ended up staying in Arrecife, which wasn’t too bad.

We also took the final decision to sail to Cape Verde first. First we wanted to see Cape Verde - nobody of us had been there before - and second it would greatly break up the crossing.

We had to postpone our departure two times to avoid bad weather. The Harmattan was blowing badly so we decided to wait it out.