Dec 02, 2018 - Day 107 - 33º54'N 007º46'W to 33º29'N 009º20'W

An uneventful day at sea with good winds and only moderate swell. We saw an open fishing boat with four men in it far out in the ocean with just an outboarder. The guys had no life-wests or other means of safety. I was shocked how those guys risk their lives every day to make a living.

Sea Area
Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca (ref. Spanish forecast area)

Clear skies to 2/8 all day. Winds N 3 Bft in the early morning, then shifting NE temporarily increasing 4 Bft, then between 2 and 4 Bft all day. Seas 1-2 m. Pressure 1024, temporarily dropping to 1022 then increasing again to 1024 HPa. Min. temp.: 17ºC, max. temp.: 21ºC.

Nautical Log
main sail, genoa and mizzen set
06:10 - HDG 255, genoa lowered
06:15 - autopilot set to wind angle 150º Stbd
07:50 - autopilot set to wind angle 135º Stbd
08:00 - genoa set
10:50 - autopilot set to wind angle 180º
11:10 - pusher sail set, autopilot set to wind angle 120º Stbd
13:00 - pusher sail lowered, autopilot set to wind angle 180º, HDG 245
14:30 - HDG 215
14:50 - motor on (battery charging)
15:00 - genoa reefed away
15:30 - HDG 230
18:00 - HDG 250
20:00 - motor off
20:15 - genoa set


11:35 - open fisher boat with outboarder at least 30 nm from shore, 4 men in it, they seem to be ok, position 33º51,8ºN 008º36,6’W

Maintenance Log


Mileage (over ground)
Today: 89,9 nm
Total: 2.361,5 nm