Aug 19, 2018 - Day 1: Stralsund - Darßer Ort

As you can see the first day at sea started with moderate Westerly winds and nice temperatures. With 1-2 m seas the sea state was a little rough at times, especially since we had the waves against us with a general course West. We dropped anchor at Prerow Shoal when wind and sea calmed down. 

The first page shows weather conditions and the nautical log as well as the technical log. I am using a German template however the entries are in English. The second page gives information about the weather forecast used for the route planning as well as sail and motor usage and incidents/comments. 

The third page gives more room for comments and observations and shows the pressure and the temperature graphically. On the fourth page way points can be entered.

The last image shows my weather forecast log. It contains the forecasts, outlooks and trends for the sea areas that we will sail as I receive them. 

Logbook 1-2.JPG
Logbook 1-1.JPG
Weather Book 1.JPG