Sep 25, 2018 - Day 38 - 47º49'N 005º45'W to 46º08'N 006º43'W

The wind is still coming from NE to E, not worryingly strong but uncomfortably strong. The seas from a little abaft than abeam is shaking us unpleasantly and are taking their toll. Michelle is permanently seasick, I am not feeling too well, either. The constantly clear skies provide pleasant temperatures during the day, but as soon as the sun is gone it is getting cold.

Sea Area
Bay of Biscay

Nonstop clear skies and (almost) full moon. Winds NE to E between 4-6. Seas 3 m. Pressure 1035 decreasing 1030 in the late evening. Min. temp.: 12ºC, max. temp.: 19ºC.

Nautical Log
00:00 - jib and mizzen are still up, HDG 240
04:25 - hoist main
13:45 - HDG 200/COG 200
15:15 - HDG 190/COG 188
20:40 - reef away main


various sightings of dolphins
17:30 - whale sighted, possibly sperm whale, very close, approximately 30 m on port side

Maintenance Log


Mileage (over ground)
Today: 113.4 nm
Total: 1.236.8 nm