Passage Briefing - Crossing the Atlantic to Brazil (Feb. 8, 2019)


Today we set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

We have been preparing for this day for more than a year, and we are so excited! 

We leave Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde today and will sail approximately 1,580 nautical miles to Cabadelo, Brazil. On our way, we will sail cross the Equator and make a stop at Ilha de Fernando de Noronha, a remote island about 200 nautical miles off the Brazilian Coast. 

Follow this link to watch the passage briefing with all the details.

If you want to follow us during the crossing, please “like” our Facebook page, Sailors & Seadogs, for updates from our Satellite Tracker. If you want to follow us in real time and message us while we are at sea, consider joining our crew on Patreon.

The passage should take about two weeks. Check our YouTube page every Saturday morning at 08:00 CST (15:00 CET) for new videos that we have scheduled to be released. 

Please leave us comments because we love reading them and will respond to all of them just as soon as we have internet again.

We will update you when we arrive! THANKS for joining us on our journey!