Aug 22, 2018 - Day 4 - Warnemünde - Heiligenhafen

When I received the weather report this morning I immediately decided to depart that very morning. The wind was said to turn SE but only for this one day. SE 3 are perfect conditions for our destination in Fehmarn Sound with an easy down wind course across Lübeck Bight.

10:10 departure from Warnemünde, crossed sea channel shortly afterwards with all sails up. Launched drone at sea for the first time. Great footage but difficulty to retrieve drone. Assume interference with on-board instrument com.

Passed Fehmarn Bridge at 23:00. Decided to anchor NE of Heiligenhafen approach. Have never been in that harbor and pilotage at night is tricky due to lots of unlighted markers. Dropped main anchor and auxiliary anchor at 54º22,8'N 011º03,3'E.