Aug 26, 2018 - Day 8 - Laboe to Rendsburg

Day starts with almost clear sky. Cloud over to 8/8 in the evening. Wind SW 4-5 in the morning, then decreasing to 1 in the evening. Pressure at constant level between 1012 and 1013, slightly decreasing towards the evening. Min. temp.: 13ºC, max. temp.: 21ºC.

Nautical Log
10:20: Departure from Laboe, then pilotage through Kiel Firth S to sea lock Kiel-Holtenau
11:40: Locking into sea lock Kiel-Holtenau
12:00: Locking out of sea lock Kiel-Holtenau
12:10: Mooring at fee station
12:25: Departure from fee station and pilotage under motor through Kiel Canal to Rendsburg
16:10: Arrival at Schreiber Marina in Rendsburg

Maintenance Log


12:10: Little paint damage during mooring manoeuvre at fee station, paint needed

Rendezvous with 'Sunbird' in Rendsburg

Mileage (over ground)
Today: 21.4 nm
Total: 192.4 nm