French Guiana

Definitely one of our favorite destinations during our entire voyage, we made three stops in lovely French Guiana—Cayenne, Kourou, and the Triangle Islands, Iles du Salut. One of those three islands is known as Devil’s Island and is the Alcatraz of the Atlantic. It felt odd to be back in France and yet so far away from Europe.

At times we had grand adventures and saw spectacular landscapes. We even witnessed two amazing rocket launches and tragically saw one of them explode. We had fun times with our sailor friends and enjoyed exploring a wide range of wildlife and scenery. Check out our logbook entries and all our cool videos!

Just When We Thought It Was Boring

Warum (über) Langeweile (sprechen) tödlich ist - 05.06.-16.06.2019

Countdown für Ariane

Barnacles, Rockets & Devil’s Island (June 16-July 21, 2019)