Explore the Baltic

The Baltic Sea is a European inland sea with more than 200 ports. It is the largest brackish water sea in the world and includes the following areas: central Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak. The Baltic Sea has a total area of 413,000 km², a depth of up to 459 m (at Landsorttief) and a volume of about 20,000km³. The countries that border the Baltic are Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. The northernmost point of the Baltic Sea is at the Gulf of Bothnoa, at the Swedish/Finnish border. Near Flensburg, at the western end of the Flensburg Fjord, is the westernmost point of the Baltic Sea. The easternmost point is at St. Petersburg, and the southernmost point is at Stettin at the southern end of the Stettiner Haffs. 

The Baltic Sea is colder than the Mediterranean Sea with diversity that offers challenging conditions and navigation, even for experienced sailors. However, the rewards are plentiful. There are coasts with skerries, fjords, boddens, and lagoons. These are some of our favorite ports of interest.


Lighthouse Dornbusch Hiddensee.jpeg


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