Preparing to Cross an Ocean - PROVISIONS (Dec. 25, 2018)

We’ve been in Arrecife, Lanzarote, Spain in the Canary Islands since December 7, 2018 making all kinds of preparations for our Atlantic Crossing. We had intended to depart a few days ago and visit Tenerife, one of the other islands in the Canaries.  But due to weather and continued preparations, our plans were delayed. Now, we plan to set sail today and head straight to Cape Verde.  This is an 8- to 9-day voyage covering approximately 970 nautical miles. 

 Once in Cape Verde, we will make final preparations to cross the Atlantic Ocean into Barbados!

 We recently had a live passage briefing and Q&A. You can watch the REPLAY by following this link. In that broadcast, we answered all kinds of questions about the crossing - including whether we will fish, what scares us, how we navigate the trade winds, horse latitudes, how we will communicate while at sea and much more! We also promised to post our full list of provisions (so far) for the crossing. Please keep in mind that this is our list of mostly food and drink items. This does not include things like diesel fuel, butane for the stove, emergency supplies, equipment, spare parts, etc., for our vessel. Our entire bow cabin is now a pantry/closet and all the bilges and lockers are FULL to the brim!



200L tank

113.5L in bottles and canisters in the bilges

30L in water cannisters on the deck

8 - 5L jugs water in bilge

16 - 1.5L bottles water in bilge

17 small bottles sparkling water in bow

3 - 1.5L square bottles water in galley locker

4 - 1.5L bottles water regular in bow

23 - 1.5 L bottles water regular in main bilge

120L (15 -8L jugs water) in stern

28.5 L of bottles In stern


4 large bottles 1.5L lemonade

3 bottles Sprite


2 cans Sprite

8 bottles Fanta

11 bottles Coca Cola

6 1.5L bottles Ginger Ale

16 2L bottles Coca-Cola

8 2L bottles Fanta 

8 mini bottles champagne 



4 pkgs Spaghetti

7 pkgs corkscrew pasta

2 pkg penne pasta

1 pkg elbow macaroni 

2pkgs veggie pasta


4 pkgs instant pasta meals

8 cans/pkgs pasta sauce

6 jars bolognaise 

3 pkgs Milch Reis

3 pkgs white rice

2 pkgs oatmeal



4 cans canned bread 

1 box cake mix

4 bags hard bread

1 Stollen




27 oranges

10 green apples

9 red apples

5 bananas

2 cans pineapple

1 can fruit cocktail

2 pkgs applesauce



20 potatoes


9 onions

2 cans carrots

2 cans green beans

1 can peas

1 can peas/carrots 

6 small cans peas

17 small cans corn

20 small cans mushrooms

14 cans black olives 

6 cans green olives

1 jar rot kraut 

3 pkgs instant mashed potatoes

2 boxes instant potatoes



4 blocks cheese

64 eggs

17 boxes milk 



1 jar broth

2 cans goulashsuppe

2 cans tomato soup

2 large cans stew

21 pkgs instant soup (single serving)

6 pkgs instant soup (3 servings each)



7 packs bacon chunks

2 cans canned meat

7 jars weinerwurst 

2 giant cans bockwurst 

21 cans tuna

6 cans sardines

3 smoked salami


1 can chestnuts

10 bags peanuts




3 pkgs tasteless crackers

5 tub small crackers

2 sleeves toast crackers

6 packages snack crackers

4 sleeves TUCS crackers

14packs saltines 

I box digestive crackers 

16 sleeves salad crackers 

14 sleeves wheat saltines 



11 sleeves square cookies

6 sleeves butter cookies

1 sleeve golden Oreos

4 sleeves cookies

2 tins sugar cookies

Box cookies 

2 pkgs spiced biscuits



11 cans Pringles 



5 lg boxes corn flakes 

64 cereal bars 

7 bags granola cereal 



2 boxes sugar cubes

3 pkgs brown sugar 

1 can hot chocolate mix

300 tea bags

2 pkgs fresh coffee (for percolator)

1 jar decaf wheat instant coffee

4 jars instant coffee

I pkg white sugar

2 jars whitener/creamer



2 bottles cooking oil

3 pkgs flour

1 jar Oregano

1 jar parsley

4 jars rosemary 

1 jar cinnamon



1 bottle ketchup

1 jar hazelnut/vanilla sauce

1 jar Nutella

1 jar hazelnut cream

5 jars peanut butter

2 bottles honey

2 jars leberwurst 

2 jars pesto

I jar marmalade 




2 pkgs chewing gum

4 pkgs gummy bears

6 bags Werthers

2 bags honey lemon drops

2 tubs gummy bears 

12 chocolate bars



6 large bags dog food

11 bags dog treats 


Paper Supplies

3 rolls paper towels

22 rolls toilet paper

14 pkgs Kleenex

I roll aluminum foil

100 large zip locs

80 small zip locs