Delays, Provisions, & The Potty Experiment (Aug. 7-14, 2018)

It's been a while since my last entry, so I want to get caught up. Here is a recap of this week on Seefalke.

Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 - A Little Work & A Lot of Construction

I needed to get out of the construction zone for a while so I packed my laptop, took the pups on a long walk, and then parked at one of my favorite outdoor cafe's in Stralsund, The Flipper. This place is completely dog friendly with a view of the marina. They immediately brought the dogs a bowl of water and also a treat - a couple of small little fish that they said was fine for dogs. She told me what they were, but I couldn't understand the German. Cap'n Jack and Scout gobbled them up quickly and then sat there calmly for about two hours while I worked. 

When I returned to Seefalke, the mechanics had just finished installing the new wind indicator and were finishing for the day. They also worked on the water tank and got it cleaned out and disinfected. Be sure to check out our latest video describing all our upgrades!

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018 - A Rainy Day Not Wasted

It was a rainy day in Stralsund, but I took advantage of the free water. Filled two jugs, gave two stinky Seadogs a bath, and washed a few more clothes. I'm really getting the hang of this sustainability living. I find it liberating. I also took advantage of a day without mechanics onboard and got a ton of work accomplished for my clients!

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 - Scout's Popeye & The Potty Experiment Begins

When I woke up this morning I noticed that Scout's left eye was swollen shut. She was squinting and blinking and seemed to be uncomfortable, perhaps in pain. Fortunately, we had recently completed our FIRST AID FOR DOGS AT SEA video, so I referred to it and discovered that our Doggie First Aid kit included some antibiotic drops. I texted our vet, and fortunately the time change was favorable and she confirmed this is what I needed to give her. It cleared up completely the very next day. I think she got some dirt or other debris in her eye and this caused the irritation. 

Also on this day, we started the great Potty Experiment. The time had come to begin the onboard potty training for the Seadogs. We set out a mat that looks and feels like grass, but the pups were not convinced. Granted, we made a huge mistake by laying this out on the pier and letting them nap on it for a while. A friend on Instagram suggested we place a "scent" on it. So I took the dogs for a walk and got a sample. I placed the mat onboard and the sample on the mat. Cap'n Jack immediately sniffed the sample, then peed on the mat. I thought to myself, this is going to be EASY!  Stay tuned . . .  

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018 - Provisioning

Maik made it back home from his work trip, and it was really nice to have him here again. But he went straight to work. While the mechanics were busy, busy, busy, Maik got a rental car and headed out for provisions. He unloaded three car loads. Then the fun began for me...the Rubik's Cube of deciding where to store everything and organized it in a way that makes sense and also allows for maximum space. I must admit, I enjoyed this! The ultimate challenge for the ultimate organizer!  As we were putting things away, we were also logging everything in a cool mobile app called Prep & Pantry. This allowed us to scan the bar code of each item, take a photo, record the expiration date, and also indicate in which locker it was stored.  We can now run shopping lists (if we keep up with things as we use them) that will tell us what we need to replenish when we stop at ports along the way. We can also run a filter of "expiration date" that tells us what food is about to expire so nothing is wasted. 

Day 2 of the Potty Experiment was a total bust! While Maik was running errands to collect provisions, I was working on the training. I put the pups on their leashes and walked them bow to stern about a million times, stopping at the potty mat each time and commanding them to "potty." After 2.5 hours of this, I finally gave up and took them for a walk. They both did their business about 20 feet from the boat. The Seadogs definitely won that battle! also

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 - Potty Experiment Redesign & Dinner Party

We had great friends from Köln visiting Stralsund, so we invited them for dinner on Seefalke. The mechanics were off for the weekend, so I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing so that the salon would be somewhat presentable for our guests.  Meanwhile, Maik was bringing more supplies while we still had the rental car. But he also decided to start a massive DIY project. Since the Seadogs were virtually uninterested in the patch of fake grass, Maik went to the home store and got some wood, dirt, grass seedlings, and fertilizer. He is convinced that the dogs need REAL GRASS on board for the potty training. I am skeptical, but I'm willing to try anything!

We had a lovely dinner with our friends. Maik cooked a pasta dish, and it was cool to have friends on board, even though we also decided to delay our Sunday departure since the wind generator could not be installed until Monday. 

Cap'n Jack began to develop a little cough, but again, we referred to our own FIRST AID FOR DOGS AT SEA video, and found just the right antibiotic. 

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018 - The Move to Old Town Harbor

We loaded Seefalke with all the equipment, and frankly, I'm trying to understand where all this stuff is going to go after all my organizing down below! But Maik reminded me that we are not "Bikini and Martini" sailors and that we are equipping this ship for blue water sailing. 


We set out for the old town harbor, which is only a couple miles away from our mooring so no need for sails. It was nice to be moving for a change! Cap'n Jack and Scout loved it (we had them securely tethered to the boat). We stopped to fill the fuel tanks, then waited for the bridge. 

The purpose of moving the boat is because we needed a platform on which to install the wind generator. So we moored stern-to-stern with Mamalu, a gorgeous ship owned by our friends at Strelasund YachtCharter. The mechanics will install the device onto our stern while standing on the bathing platform of Mamalu's stern. Can't wait to see this!!

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018 - Installing the Wind Generator Part 1

The move has required a bit of adjustment for the Seadogs. We left a very private mooring for a spot right in the middle of Stralsund's busy old town. It's a lot of people and activity, but they are doing great! 

Construction began on the installation of the wind generator, but it didn't get finished. There was a problem with the mast that will hold the generator, so that now has to be repaired before we can install the device and depart. Another delay. UGH! But we definitely want the ship to be safe and fit. 


I used the time to go into the city center and get a few more items on our list. We needed seasickness medicine, allergy medicine, a few small items, and I realized I needed some sneakers with better tread. I was sliding all over the deck. I found some cheap Sketchers, so I'm all set now.

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018 - We Have Water & Potty Experiment Update

We got the water tank filled and now have running water in the sink of the galley. So we can actually wash dishes with water from the tank rather than bottled water. Sometimes it's the little things that can make you so happy! This water is also drinkable, by the way. Maik continued to work on his potty project. The seedlings were not growing so we decided to borrow some grass and do a little transplant. Still not much progress on that end, but we are hoping this will work. The good news is the pups don't want to potty on the boat. The bad news is the pups don't want to potty on the boat. 

One thing is certain, our little "garden" is getting a lot of attention in the marina. People walk by and ask us if we are growing vegetables or herbs. Haha!  Then they see the dogs and immediately understand. Fingers still crossed on this one! 

Meanwhile, we had our cockpit tarpaulin repaired by a local sail maker and this was re-installed. We also received our manufacturer approval of the inspection of our two life rafts, so those are also safely onboard!

Maik decided to get away from the boat for a little while since we've been working so hard. He took me to a nice dinner, and this was cool. It's the little things that we take for granted sometimes!  We are watching the weather very closely now and hoping we don't miss our window for the Bay of Biscay crossing. We are SO CLOSE!!!