The Seadogs Made it Safely to Germany (Aug. 3, 2018)


This was a huge milestone!  I've been saying all along how nervous I was about shipping Cap'n Jack and Scout by air to Germany. It was a gigantic task to get it all set up but Pet Air Carrier of Roswell, Ga. and Lufthansa made it all a little bit easier.  Check out the video of the two-day journey, which doesn't even come close to the actual chaos and anxiety we felt. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we finally got to see our sweet pups. They couldn't get out of those pet kennels fast enough. 

They have struggled a bit with jet lag and some digestive issues, but they seem to be making the adjustment. They are enjoying all the new smells and sights of Germany! After landing in Frankfurt, we spent the night in Nidderau with Maik's mom and went to see her veterinarian the next day. The pups underwent another examination and then received their European Union Pet Passports! This was also a big milestone. Now we are all set to enter any country In the EU, except the U.K. The U.K. will not allow any pets to cross its borders on a private vessel. We would not be able to even moor in a British port and leave the pups on board. They also require deworming within 5 days of arrival and other very stringent restrictions. So we have definitely re-routed this trip and will not be going to the U.K. at all. 

Today, we travel to Stralsund to check out the progress on Seefalke and continue to get her ready to set sail, hopefully by Aug. 12 or so.