Our Journey in the News...and a few setbacks! (July 26, 2018)


This is really cool! A veteran reporter, Alec Harvey, wrote a fantastic article about our journey that was published by the Alabama News Center. You can read the article by following this link.

Meanwhile, we continue with preparations and had some setbacks this week. First, we learned that the boat will not be ready until Aug. 10 or 11 so we've had to push back our set sail date. The mechanics need to finish all the work on Seefalke, and we don't want to take any chances. The Beagles and I will continue with our plans to fly to Frankfurt next Tuesday (July 31). We will arrive on Aug. 1 and then we have an appointment with a German veterinarian on Aug. 2 to get their EU Pet Passport. We will then hop on a train to Stralsund to meet Maik. 

We finished their shots and health certificate this week, and got that shipped to Montgomery for the USDA stamp, which we've already had returned to us. Friday, we'll be getting our doggie first aid kit, prepared by our extraordinary vet, Dr. Neijse Langston of Magnolia By the Gulf Animal Clinic. I've been working pretty hard on the Bahamas paperwork. We needed to fill out applications for import permits for the dogs, but needed the health certificate first. That's been shipped to the the Nassau Department of Agriculture, so hopefully, we'll get it returned in time. 

Our second setback is with regard to our route. We learned this week that we cannot take the dogs into the U.K. by private vessel. So instead of sailing to Falmouth, we will need to sail along the coast of France along the English Channel. A minor setback, but a change, nevertheless. 

Our neighbors gave us a cool Bon Voyage party and i'm busy saying goodbye, for now, to all my friends here. Looking forward to a visit from my daughter this weekend! Then i'll prepare the Gulf Shores apartment for our 6-8 month absence, finish all my packing and prep, get the rental car and head to Atlanta on Monday (with a short stop to see my parents in Guntersville). Stay tuned!