Sailors & Seadogs is all about a couple of sailors exploring the world with our two Beagles while sharing travel and sailing adventures - including our current cross-Atlantic journey from The Baltic Sea (Northern Germany) to Bon Secour Bay (Alabama's Gulf Coast).

Our cast of characters includes MICHELLE, the first-mate and novice. She has been sailing since 2013, but she has never experienced a journey like this. She is the narrator, guiding you through the process as she continues to earn her sea legs and learn the finer art of sailing. MAIK is an experienced sailor and our very seaworthy captain. A veteran of the German Navy, he has been sailing for more than 20 years with many solo sails on challenging waters in his logbook.

Our sailing vessel is SEEFALKE, a 43-foot, Dutch-designed ketch. With her steel construction and long keel, she was built for blue water journeys. Our crew includes our two Seadogs—CAP’N JACK SPARROW and SCOUT. Our 2-year-old beagles have been sailing since they were four months old.

Our YouTube videos and website feature the amazing stories that make sailing spectacular. Michelle presents the sailing basics - sharing the good, the bad, and the UGLY of living on a sailboat and battling tough offshore conditions. Maik delivers deeper, more technical content from his Navigation Corner. We share our beautiful and interesting travel destinations that on this cross-Atlantic journey alone covers at least 12 countries and at least eight major bodies of water. We also have a passion for wildlife and will provide insight about the amazing creatures who share the sea with us. Come along for the ride and SAIL THE WORLD WITH US!

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